05 April 2011

what's your story? part one.

I feature fluff.

Pretty dresses, organized living eye candy,
entertaining ideas, 
handmade artistry...yadda yadda.
Featuring fluff is fun but there's so much more to life than that.
There are moments, like today, where I can't bring myself to post a pretty picture and say pretty things.

I have a story and I know you do too. Our story makes us who we are. Our story encompasses our weaknesses, our strengths, our attitudes and our choices. Posting pretty pictures deflects my story. What do you do to deflect your story?

Think about choices you make and things that you do only to offer glimpses, tiny cracks with light shining through, of a different place. A place where everything is as it should be. We strive for that place. We dream about that place. We buy things hoping it will bring us a little closer to that place. That place will never happen. It's not supposed to. Besides, if we had everything the way we think we want it.....we'd probably only want it different.

Embrace your story and show compassion because of it.
Be at peace with your story.
You are creating your own legacy.....
your own story.


Sunshine Girl said...

I like this post...


Tracey said... couldn't be more right when you say we all have a story. The best part is that every day is a new beginning to our beautiful ending. Thanks for sharing!

Aedriel said...

thanks for the support guys! I debated 'going there' but decided....who cares? ;)