10 January 2013

Behind the Scenes at Aedriel Originals

How about a little behind the scenes detail showing how one of our designs comes to fruition. Like that word? Ha!

(Here's the hubby hard at work creating our workspace for the porcelain)
(Phase two)

Phase three is letting them dry...I mean REALLY dry before they are high fired. We learned the hard way that clay has to be completely dry before going in the kiln. The clay literally explodes in the kiln if there is any moisture at all remaining. It's a total mess and all the hard work is well....86'd. High fire is about 2,200 degrees plus or minus a few. Ouch!
There's a handful of other tidbits we learned but I can't give all my secrets away! Just know that these are made with lots of love and attention to detail. 
What can  Aedriel's Little Porcelain Tags be used for, you ask?
They're perfect for adding a little chic element to your organizing efforts by using them to label baskets. The rustic element of the included twine is a fab contrast to the daintiness of the porcelain. 

They're also sweet as gift tags or as place markers at a wedding for dinner. Tie them onto the napkin (as shown in the magazine feature above) or hang them from a vase. 

We also use them to label decanters on our bar cart/buffet table. Super easy and everyone always comments on how fun it looks! 
So the possibilities are endless for these little babies. 
Find Aedriel's Porcelain Tags here 

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