19 January 2013

Get Your Digital Detox On!

How about some wallpapers to use on your phone as a little hint hint reminder  to leave your phone alone? 

(here's one for  gettin' stuff done! Digital Detox Sundays are for family while Wednesdays are for productivity. )

Some of you might remember when I was pumped about "Unplug for Love" which included a daily list of suggestions of how to 'unplug'. To be totally honest, I try to spearhead this and even I had a difficult time following through. In an attempt to 'unplug' it almost became an additional burden to spend additional time being plugged in trying to encourage others. 

Yesterday, I woke up and decided I wanted a super productive Monday to happen and knew it would mean I needed to choose a social media, online and app free day. I logged out of Twitter and Instagram. I also decided I would only do a quick scan of emails (I was waiting for an email form a PTA mom that I had to respond to) and stay off Pinterest. I didn't play with apps or fiddle with my phone.   I felt like a million bucks! I got so much done. This digital detox gave me more energy. I know it sounds silly but it really did. 

So how will you Unplug for Love? Choose one thing? Or one concept? Perhaps you'll go digital free on the weekends? Maybe you'll get super brave and do  digital free weekdays. What about a social media free day? 

If you follow me on Instagram, I'll email you your very own Unplug for Love declaration. Just leave your email address under the photo on my feed along with your commitment. 

Let's do this!

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tamistables said...

I'm not married and don't have a boyfriend either, but, I have some major issues with checking my iPhone constantly. I have tried everything and failed, till I stumbled across your website. I am so encouraged! Thank you!