02 February 2013

Personalized iPhone Case for Under 4 Bucks!

Easiest. Project. Ever. 

My old iPhone case was the hard plastic kind and it was shot. I am such a spaz and drop my phone at least five times a day. I needed a case that would bounce. A fancy-schmancy new one is not currently in the budget (also, I could not find a decent looking silicone one anywhere...are all the pretty ones hard plastic?) so I grudgingly ordered the most simple and cheap silicone case I could find. I found one here for $3.99 and free shipping. SCORE! (How do they make any money? I'm sure it's because Best Buy thinks you'll stay awhile and buy other stuff but I'm like a shopping ninja...I'm in and out.)

When it came in the mail it made me kind of sad. It was so BORING. But since I'm a let's-spice-this-party-up kinda gal I had an idea. 

Here are the steps (Seriously, it's so easy I don't even want to waste your time with photos of the process. Also,  I didn't take any.)

1. Using white paper (or you could use fancy patterned paper) write your name (or your hubby's name or your kid's name or dog's name or a word...) in the center of the paper about the size of your case. 
I used pencil and traced over it with a sharpie. You can print your name off the computer if you want to make it even easier. I love Emily Lime's fonts and used one of hers as a guide. I'm still learning faux calligraphy. I like doing the letters by hand though because I think it offers a bit more personality. 

2. Lay your case on top of the paper and trace the shape (so you can see your artwork and find the center easier) with a pencil including the hole for the camera and flash.  

3. Cut it out. Cut around it again taking a touch more off. If you don't, it'll be too big. Hole punch the camera hole and use an razor blade for the little flash hole. Or be super lazy like me and not worry about the flash because I never use it. 

4. Slide the paper in and admire your work. 

*I like this case because it's a little opaque which hides my sharpie flaws and makes my name a little less obnoxious. 


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