05 February 2013

Perspective Is Always Stronger Than Circumstance

This is my motto. Last year, likely as I was falling asleep, I was able to put this feeling into words. These words  just came to me. And I thought "I will live by this and this will be my motto."  Perhaps you're thinking "is this chick for real?".  Like, do I really think this all the time? Am I really happy-go-lucky 24-7-365? I can tell you this: I have tons of really ugly moments. Moments my kids will likely be discussing someday when they're gathered together as adults doing the whole, "remember that one road trip when Mom lost her mind and lit into us for bickering in the backseat ?"..followed by "and after that she made us get out of the car and run laps at that park in the middle of nowhere until we were exhausted?" (it totally works by the way...I learned it from my mom). I'm SO not perfect.  I have sinned. I have done awful things. I have hurt people. But that's between me and the Big Guy and I work every day to right my wrongs. How can we take those yucky events in our life or those yucky feelings and make them work for us? I believe how we view the bad stuff is paramount to the results we'll achieve in the end.

Where do I get this perspective from? I think it comes from my grandma. Get this. My grandma's mother died right after my Grandma's little sister was born from complications of childbirth.  Afterwards, her dad felt like he was unable to raise her and her siblings so he took them to an orphanage. When she would tell the story, these were her exact words: "I considered it a privilege when I spent time in the orphanage. {Hold on. Shut the front door! A privilege to be in an orphanage? Wait, it gets better..} "I was surrounded by other kids and I got to do things like polish the banisters." Polish the banisters? She was excited about this? I mean really? This woman was uh-mazing. When my Dad was growing up she would work nights as a nurse and my Grandfather would be in charge of his sons for the evening including bathing them, feeding them dinner and tucking them in for the night. Now I know this is the norm these days but back then they were way ahead of their time. I think this was in large part because my grandma quietly but firmly laid down the law. (I wonder sometimes if my grandpa was hesitant to take this responsibility on.) My grandmother faced obstacles in her life I can't even wrap my head around and had such a sunny disposition about it all. My grandparents passed their way of living on to my dad. My dad was an amazing hands-on parent. He did everything for us and had no problem doing my hair or taking me shopping.  He too had a very positive outlook on life. When he was diagnosed with stage four melanoma he took that cancer on like he was ready to kick some cancer butt. Never once did I hear him utter the words "why me?". He lost his battle a short time later and again, I wonder what EXACTLY was going through his head. In an effort to protect us, perhaps he was more motivated to stay positive.

So remember, no matter your circumstance, you can choose to have your perspective take over and be in charge. Not only will it impact your life but it will ripple out to all those you come in contact with.

{Stay tuned.. a print will be available soon with this quote!}


Ellen said...

I love this - so, so true!!

tracie stier-johnson said...

YES! this exactly! it's not the hand you're dealt that matters ... it's how you play the cards!

Aedriel said...

Thanks so much Ellen! :)