08 March 2013

Top Skincare Picks

Let's start with your face. I am a firm believer in spending more on skincare and less on makeup. Remember my post here called Flawless Skin and Makeup Tricks? What I didn't share is that I buy drugstore products because I can't justify spending so much on makeup.  The fact is, if your skin is vibrant and even-toned, you don't even need to use as much make-up. We apply makeup to give us the appearance of flawless skin. Why not have nearly flawless skin to start? I was super skeptical about my newest favorite brand, Rodan + Fields BEFORE I started using it. After a few weeks I could totally tell a difference in my skin and found I was using less and less foundation and concealer. Now, after six months using the Anti-Age regime, I am floored at how much better my skin looks. I used to try different products and after using the tub I wasn't "wowed!" by the results so I'd move onto something else. There have been times where I use a new product for a couple weeks and throw it out because I don't notice a change. Yep, I am one of those 'I want to see results and I want to see them NOW' kind of women. That's pretty much what happened with these products. The creators of Proactiv started Rodan + Fields and though it's a fairly new company, they've already received tons of buzz. Now that I've tried it I can totally see why. Find out more here!

Moving onto your body, my hubby bought the Stress Relief Eucalyptus Spearmint Body Wash from Bath and Body at Christmas and it's a new favorite. It says right on the bottle to breathe it in for stress relief and holy smokes, it really does work!

I'll take all the firming I can get and Nivea's lotions help keep everything tight. Babies will do a number on your tummy (yes, three years later) and I really can tell a difference.
My hubby also bought me the True Blue Cracked Heel Treatment from Bath and Body and this stuff is amazing. I even use it on my hands. Because of the nature of my business I have man hands. Not dainty man hands but full-on rough, cracked man hands. I have no explanation to why my feet are in such bad shape (I don't use my feet for ceramics) but I do have super dry skin.

Shoot me an email at if you're interested in learning more about Rodan + Fields  or find more here. The before and after pictures are crazy! You really can turn back the clock.


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