18 March 2013

Mixed Bag

I absolutely love this quote as it is a fab reminder that moderation is key to really savor each moment. We had quite a 'discussion' about this the other day after I posted it on Instagram. Check out my feed here to see how some of my awesome Insta-friends weighed in on this topic.  Good stuff, friends!

The little guy had a birthday party (his first official!) and so naturally he brought a plate! I love how the colors turned out. I'm clearly in a melon/strawberry lemonade/lemon kick right now. 

And here's proof of that! I adore these tea cups and saucers. Now why haven't I made one for myself yet? The yellow one says "hello happy day" on it. Start your day with some sunshine, right?

A certain magazine that I will disclose at a later date (fun!) requested photos of me, my studio space and favorite pieces. So naturally I didn't wash my hair the day I had my photographer friend tackle this project with me. What was I thinking? Clearly I was not. 

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