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11 March 2013

Free Printable Calendars- The Best of the Best!

I'm in the process of dolling up my workspace for a photo shoot taking place very soon for a magazine (woof-woo!!) and decided it's time to update the 2012 calendar hanging from my clipboard. Yes, I's March of 2013. Better late than never, right? Aren't these cute? And you can't beat free!
Find the links below. 

Originally from Benign Objects

10 January 2013

Behind the Scenes at Aedriel Originals

How about a little behind the scenes detail showing how one of our designs comes to fruition. Like that word? Ha!

(Here's the hubby hard at work creating our workspace for the porcelain)
(Phase two)

Phase three is letting them dry...I mean REALLY dry before they are high fired. We learned the hard way that clay has to be completely dry before going in the kiln. The clay literally explodes in the kiln if there is any moisture at all remaining. It's a total mess and all the hard work is well....86'd. High fire is about 2,200 degrees plus or minus a few. Ouch!
There's a handful of other tidbits we learned but I can't give all my secrets away! Just know that these are made with lots of love and attention to detail. 
What can  Aedriel's Little Porcelain Tags be used for, you ask?
They're perfect for adding a little chic element to your organizing efforts by using them to label baskets. The rustic element of the included twine is a fab contrast to the daintiness of the porcelain. 

They're also sweet as gift tags or as place markers at a wedding for dinner. Tie them onto the napkin (as shown in the magazine feature above) or hang them from a vase. 

We also use them to label decanters on our bar cart/buffet table. Super easy and everyone always comments on how fun it looks! 
So the possibilities are endless for these little babies. 
Find Aedriel's Porcelain Tags here 

25 June 2012

Life Organized....most of the time!

I have tried every app, digital planner and website out there to keep our family organized and I always go back to the old-school paper calendar. This past year was NUTS for our family as far as juggling AO,  kids' sports, activities and schedules. Out of desperation I developed this system and it's done wonders keeping us all on task, most of the time. Hey! We're human, right? 

Step one is the small fit-in-my-purse planner I purchased at Staples from the Martha Stewart collection by Avery. I purchased the small binder, calendar inserts, two sets of dividers and lots of fun sticky tabs.  This whole collection at Staples is UH-MAZING!! I think I heard angels singing as I approached the display the first time.

For quick reference I added the month tabs at the top of the 'month' divider. When we get to a new month, I move the month tab down to the right side of the page since sometimes I need to reference a past month. 

Each family member has been assigned a color and next to their activity or appointment, I add a dot in that color for easy reference.  Since I take this calendar with me, it's the first one that gets updated with any new schedules or appointments. If I'm out and about I use the pocket to add reminder cards we get (next dentist appointment etc.) to update later.  In fact, I try to sit down with the calendar on Sunday evening and look over the week to be sure I have a good grasp on what we have going on, as well as make any notes or additions to the calendar. This would also be a good time for meal planning, if you are super on the ball. I'd like to get to that point but I'm not quite there yet. Future post?

The first set of dividers are what I reference most with the second set being being mostly AO topics such as pricing, wholesale, blog etc.   Obviously the dividers are very family specific and your family needs might call for something different like a meal planning section etc. 

Part two of the system is for everyone in the family to utilize. I don't know about you but I got sick and tired of ALL of the schedules we had plastered on the side of the fridge. It finally dawned on me that if I could keep all those schedules stacked on top of each other they wouldn't take up so much vertical and horizontal space. I purchased the page protectors from Martha Stewart's line (of course!) and added the sticky divider tabs at the bottom. Two clippy magnets keep it snug to the side of the fridge. 

First, I make a copy of our current month's calendar for the top page since this gets viewed the most. The tabs include our schedules for easy reference. My son's baseball practices and football games, for instance, are always at different locations so he can easily flip the calendar up to see where we need to be. I typically print out the schedule the coach emails and shove it in there. This way, I don't take up oodles of space on the calendar with all the specifics. For the calendar, I typically add a P (for "practice"), G (for "game") or A ("appointment") with a circle around it and then the time since we have days with LOTS going on and it's hard to fit details on a tiny square. 

I also have tabs for the kids' school lunch calendar, class schedule and chore list. 

Ahh....chores. I have tried lots of different techniques for chores over the years from my own variation of Accountable Kids (great concept...didn't love the looks of their boards and cards... ) when my older kids were little to creating a new list every week. I finally came up with a two week rotation for each kid with a daily chore. I used the page protector with four pockets and added a list for each kid, a list of bonus chores and their Sunday list that requires them to have some quiet time. It's their responsibility to keep track of any extra bonus chores they do and we use the good ol' honor system when it comes to doing their daily chore. Of course Saturday they have more chores because...that's what Saturdays are for, right? The kids can check their chore off with a dry erase marker, if they're into that. My daughter is like me and feels accomplished seeing that check mark. My son? Not so much.

The family binder is pretty basic and uses the same color system as the calendar. With each family member having their assigned color, I slip all the important stuff in page protectors and label the dividers. The first section is for the hubby and me (marriage certificate etc.) the second divider is his (SS card, birth certificate etc.) and so on. The kids sections are their birth order. Each section includes their shot records and any SUPER important papers that need to be referenced often. The first page protector has the original documents while the second has a couple copies of those documents. This way we have extra copies handy for camp and sports registration. Perhaps you're wondering why Martha page protectors? They have a little flap at the top that prevents your uber-important contents from spilling out. 

Everything can be found at Staples or online. You get a much better experience going into the store (preferably alone or at least without children) and I think the .com is difficult to navigate. So no, Martha did not pay me to promote her products though Martha, if you're reading, feel free to pop a check in the mail. ;) 

(Do you like how I 'hid' important numbers on the photo? Washi tape. Gotta love that stuff!! )

02 April 2012

The Faux Mudroom

Like many families we don't have the elaborate mudroom often drooled over  so we make do with the space we do have. For us, the family space happens to be in our garage. This space has to serve many purposes. We have oodles of different activities going on at once which can be a challenge to keep track of and typically results in several schedules stuck to the side of the fridge.  We also have shoes, hats, backpacks and so on.  I'm determined to combine all these needs into one gorgeous spot. 

Gorgeous and functional. 
This is my inspiration for the family spot. 
I love that it looks like a piece of furniture but also serves as a resting spot for everyone's stuff. 

If we had more room, this concept has major drool points going for it. This is ideal for a large family like ours. 

This concept is pretty clever for a family with younger children. I like the hooks placed both high and low. Lumberjocks provides everything you need to know to build this yourself. 

See the bulletin board on the right? This is what the side of our fridge looks like and I'm not down with that.
 I have just the plan to tidy up our schedules I'll share in a future post. 

Check back to see what the handy hubby and I come up with. 

10 March 2012

oh've outdone yourself this time!!

 I recently discovered Martha Stewart's dreamy line of Avery products at Staples.  As I approached the display 
I could hear angels singing softly in the distance.
Finally, someone created a super chic line of coordinating desk products.  I walked out of Staples spending far more than I would have liked,  but can you really put a price on organized perfection?
 I think not! ;)
 My Tiffany blue binder makes me feel like having my s...tuff together can be luxurious.
 I even created a coordinating family notebook. 
All of our documents are neatly tucked away for easy access. 
Go Martha!

04 April 2011

make it a great monday!

I feel like I have more control over my life
if I start the week off with a plan.

Here are some great picks for feeling organized-

1. Send out cards....if you're into that sort of thing.
I hardly ever get what I consider 'fun' mail
so I really enjoy sending cards out to friends....
just because.

These cards from Sycamore Street Press are so clever
and will surely have the recipient in stitches. Owners Kirk and Eva
crank each piece of paper through a letterpress by hand. Amazing.

2. Makin' a list.....checkin' it twice.

I am an old school pencil and paper list maker.
I'm obsessed with my lists. I have lists for lists.
Keep your lists in this trendy chevron jotter
3. Stay one step ahead of your calendar.
Our weeks are crazy busy.
Between baseball practice and games,
piano lessons, my business, my husband's
work obligations...I feel more in control when our
week is all mapped out.
Find this calendar, along with dozens of other paper
goodies to keep you organized, at Bubbo.
Artist Natasha Mileshina of Bubbo is incredibly talented
and clearly has a knack for keeping life organized.

If you prefer a wall calendar, this vinyl calendar from
Simple Shapes is a fantastic option.
Purchase the chalk ink pen