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02 May 2013

Kitchen Love: Open Shelves

I've got it bad for open shelves in the kitchen these days.  By the time we're able to remodel our kitchen, I'll still be on my open shelves kick while everyone else has moved on to the next big trend. But alas, let's look at pretty pictures, shall we? 

I want to eat a fancy breakfast in this kitchen!! This bright and sunny space reinforces my 'bigger isn't always better' mantra. Smaller spaces can be charming and cozy especially with the right ingredients. 

Can I get an amen? I just adore everything about this. I'm super ADD when it comes to what I want in a kitchen so while this is gorgeous, let's move right along...

I'm digging this fancy-schmancy coffee bar area on these dove grey cabinets. 

I realize the open shelves above the sink is so people of normal height wouldn't bonk their head on the upper cabinets (I'm vertically challenged a tad so I think I'd need a step stool to was dishes here) but I like that this gives someone like me who can't make a decision a little bit of both....cabinets and shelves. 
I REALLY like the concept of having a dining room table also serving as an island. Clever use of space! I'm getting off track. Focus, right? Shelves. We're talking about shelves.

Oh lordy! Would you look at that come hither desk area. I would organize the heck out of my family if I had a cute little area to do so. There's my excuse....I don't have a cute area. 

This kitchen makes me either want to smile or cry. It's beautiful but so very perfect. I kind of get anxiety thinking about all our kiddos in here. It would not look like this after they got ahold of it. Hmm...maybe I'm onto something...a kitchen just for mom and a kitchen for the kids? Kind of like his and her master bathrooms that's trending currently. 

The sink, the floors, the topiary, the shelves, the white goodies on the shelves....YUM!

19 April 2013

HGTV #LoveHome Featuring My Loves!

I'm so thrilled that HGTV picked one of my photos for their Love Home campaign. The hubs and the little one love playing guitars together (well, the little one pretends on the guitar his daddy used as a little boy) in our living room. In the black and white photo, Matt has his phone balanced on his knee that he was using to reference the chords. Okay...enough it is! It's so fast, you'll miss it so find it at the 44 second mark.

27 February 2013

Inspirational Interiors: Featuring House of Creative Designs

I love incorporating trends in the home but I also believe in surrounding yourself in pieces that tell a story.  Keepsakes reflect who you are and what you love. Haddy of House of Creative Designs tells a beautiful story in creating cozy vignettes and heartfelt reminders of her love for her family and memories. Creating a wall with mismatched frames using a cohesive gold finish gives the room instant glamour and personality. I love the mix of black and white family photos and a handful of silhouettes and prints adding a pop of the unexpected in Haddy's living room. 

As Haddy said, "It's important for me to incorporate not just the pretty things and the current obsessions, but also pieces that mean something to me... something that makes my heart smile whether that be something I made, I bought or something given to me."

Find House of Creative Designs here:

                                Etsy shop  

26 February 2013

Dreamy Painted Mason Jars

Creating the perfect weathered look seems easy, until you try it. These beauties from Beach Blues  are so perfectly imperfect, don't you think? They're ideal for weddings, adding charm to a cozy corner in your home, desk supplies...pretty much anywhere! Owner, Missy,  seals them with a water-resistant enamel and they're painted on the inside and outside. Good luck picking a favorite collection! They're all gorgeous.

Shop Beach Blues here. She's been featured all over (and rightfully so!!) including Vogue Australia, Once Wed, The Wedding Chicks and Uncovet.

10 January 2013

Behind the Scenes at Aedriel Originals

How about a little behind the scenes detail showing how one of our designs comes to fruition. Like that word? Ha!

(Here's the hubby hard at work creating our workspace for the porcelain)
(Phase two)

Phase three is letting them dry...I mean REALLY dry before they are high fired. We learned the hard way that clay has to be completely dry before going in the kiln. The clay literally explodes in the kiln if there is any moisture at all remaining. It's a total mess and all the hard work is well....86'd. High fire is about 2,200 degrees plus or minus a few. Ouch!
There's a handful of other tidbits we learned but I can't give all my secrets away! Just know that these are made with lots of love and attention to detail. 
What can  Aedriel's Little Porcelain Tags be used for, you ask?
They're perfect for adding a little chic element to your organizing efforts by using them to label baskets. The rustic element of the included twine is a fab contrast to the daintiness of the porcelain. 

They're also sweet as gift tags or as place markers at a wedding for dinner. Tie them onto the napkin (as shown in the magazine feature above) or hang them from a vase. 

We also use them to label decanters on our bar cart/buffet table. Super easy and everyone always comments on how fun it looks! 
So the possibilities are endless for these little babies. 
Find Aedriel's Porcelain Tags here 

04 January 2013

Nautical Nursery Perfection

I am so delighted for the opportunity to share this sweet and charm-filled nursery created for Stacie and Dan Shea's baby girl, Colby Grace! I adore the nautical theme and appreciate the unexpected details throughout this cozy baby haven. Clearly this room is bursting with love.  Be sure to check out all the sources listed below. Let's get to it! 

Nautical doesn't always have to be anchors and stripes.  The coral and navy color palette creates a feminine feel without being super girly.  

The mix of textures and colors create warmth while the fun details offer a sense of humor this little one will appreciate!

Create a cozy nook that's perfect for snuggling and reading. How clever to use a pouf as an ottoman! The mix of pink and coral really pops agains the navy details. 

The rustic feel of this shelf really amps up the nautical feel, don't you think? This room is just overflowing with love! 

How sweet is the little mermaid surrounded by soothing images and thoughts? 

I had to share up-close details of this mobile! I think it's one of the highlights of the entire room. 

The hippo and giraffe are doing a precious job keeping those books in place. This is a great reminder to think outside the box when decorating. Traditional bookends would have felt stuffy in this room. Stacie nailed every last detail!  

Stacie achieved design perfection with this palette of prints and colors!

I could curl up and take a nap right here!

Bold chevrons adorn this paddle making it a sweet accessory and perhaps unexpected. 

Stacie nailed it! Hands down this is one of the sweetest nurseries I've ever come across and it's been an honor to share it with you all. I'd like to give a shout out to Dan, Stacie's hubby, for the phenomenal paint job and picture hanging placement and design. Little Colby Grace is one lucky little girl! 

Find Stacie here-
Stacie Shea Events |
Email -
Phone – 877.448.6963 x 101

Twitter - @staciesheaevent

The fabulous photographer behind the details?

Bed Skirt and Pillows were made by her mother. 
Crab Sheets – Serena and Lily

ABC Decorative Pillow – Pottery Barn Kids ( no longer available)
Rug: Navy Chevron from Land of Nod 

Chair: Pottery Barn Kids Comfort Small Round Arm Slipcovered Swivel Glider – Baldwin Mini Stripe Navy 

Table: Vintage Piece that was painted Coral Color